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The Canadian Shooting Sports Association – aka CSSA

I joined the CSSA nearly 5 years ago because of a series of events beginning with a desire to find out more about guns and reloading.
Now I have owned various firearms for just over a decade. I’ve since bought firearms and resold them to other licensed individuals all across Canada. I still have my first shotgun sitting in a corner of my gun safe. That Cooey 840, single shot, break-action shotgun has actually shot more flats of 12ga than any other shotgun I have owned since, although my Mossberg 500 is soon catching up. When I bought that Cooey at my first firearm auction, I paid $12.50 for the shotgun and $25 to the government to register it. At that time I had unwittingly given up being a trusted Canadian Citizen by becoming an official firearms owner here. The path of who I am today started there…

The chain of events started in mid-2005 when I was looking for reloading data for my newest acquisition; a dedicated moose rifle chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum… Up until then I had a couple shotguns and a pair of well used .22’s. During the google searching I came across a link to a post in an online forum. That post gave me the beginnings of the reloading bug and a desire to learn even more about all the different firearms out there. That forum was Canadian Gun Nutz, aka CGN. Finding CGN turned out to be both a blessing and a curse, as I began to learn more and more about all sorts of firearms, accessories, reloading, and events, I started to realize just how little actually knew about firearms and realized how much the legislation involved in firearms ownership was geared specifically to deter people from wanting to own or possess them. During the next few months I began to learn about the political side of “gun control” and the decline of firearms owners due to the cost and confusion surrounding the firearms act brought in by 1995’s Bill C-68. It was here that I first came across the organization called the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, or CSSA for short.

In 2006 I had an opportunity to attend the SHOT Show as a guest of a friend I knew… The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show was like a new world to me at the time. Firearms of every shape, size, and calibre was present at the show; from pocket purse pistols, to over/under shotguns worth over $100K apiece… On a whim I decided to attend a gathering in what would become a pivotal point in my life. During the week of the SHOT Show I attended a small gathering hosted by the CSSA. There I met Tony Bernardo, the #1 pro-gun lobbyist in Canada, after talking to him and a couple of others from the CSSA who were in attendance, I joined up on the spot.

The CSSA is the arguably the best pro-firearms organization available in Canada. From their lobby efforts at all levels of Canadian government as well as on the international stage, the CSSA has done extremely well for the limited manpower, and limited finances available for them. Starting in 2000, from a merger of the Ontario Handgun Association and the Ontario Smallbore Federation, when it was deemed that an effective National Voice was required to protect and enhance the rights of the Canadian Firearms Community. Over the years I have found myself more and more in agreement with the actions and activities promoted by the CSSA and since then I have progressed through the ranks of the CSSA. I started as just a member and worked through being a Field Representative, to a Regional Director, and recently elected to the Board of Directors itself. It has been five years since that fateful meeting and since then I have done things and met people I would never have thought possible to do, all in the name of being a Pro-Firearms Advocate.

Some of the things which I have done since:
1. Traveled across the country on behalf of the CSSA, and represented firearms owners across Canada.
2. Meeting the Prime Minister of Canada. Not just once, but several times.
3. Have written and had published hundreds of letters, articles, and reviews associated to firearms.
4. Met and befriended many like-minded individuals, many of whom I would trust my life with.
5. Met the current and past presidents of the NRA, and many other firearms prominent celebrities.
6. Interviewed and conversed with many, many others I would have never otherwise dreamed of approaching, such as actor Thomas Jane (HBO’s Hung, Punisher).

In truth, since that meeting, I have become more self-confident, self-aware, and outgoing, and in my opinion, a much better person.

I love my family and friends, they are the reason I joined the CSSA and decided to volunteer much of my free time. I want my children to be able to do the following:
1. To allow them the ABILITY to use all firearms in a safe responsible manner. If firearms are inaccessible and verboten, nobody can enjoy them legally.
2. To allow them the CHOICE to use firearms if they desire. It is a choice of the individual to use firearms in a responsible manner. If they choose not to use firearms for fun, sport, sustenance, and/or defence; that is their choice. Do NOT assume make that choice for others.

It is these primarily reasons why I am in this fight to protect and enhance our rights in Canada. Help support our efforts. Join the CSSA today!

 And a ringing endorsement by Brian Lovig from the Daily Split!

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