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Article Archives

This page is dedicated to articles which were created prior to the launch of TPF and that the original documentation is still available for. As this will include articles which were un-published as well as published, TPF will be sure to include images which have never before been otherwise viewed by the public.
I thank you for your time and support of TPF, and hope you enjoy these items from the past.
As of August 26th, 2011 this is still a work in progress.

The Mateba Autorevolver: Too highly advanced, or too poorly marketed?

A review about one of the most interesting handguns ever created. At least that is the author’s opinion.

SHOT Show 2009

A small report on the experience of the Sporting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in 2009. The worlds largest gathering of manufacturers and distributors of everything firearms related.

SHOT Show 2011

The Sporting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in 2011.

Less Shooters?

A visit to a newly opened firearm store and the idea that firearms owners are dwindling in numbers…

Newbie’s Viewpoint I

Basic history and background of the author in the world of firearms and politics.

Newbie’s Viewpoint II

The author’s opinion on how listening and learning is never-ending in our fight for the Canadian firearms community.

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