Reviews & articles for shooting sport enthusiasts.

About TPF

Welcome to Tactical, Practical and Fantastical!

This is a media site for articles and reviews for accessories, components, and equipment used, abused and desired by the shooting community across Canada. The CSSA is unable to fit all reviews and articles into their publications so this is a new outlet to do so.

While everyone and their second cousin review firearms, very few bother with anything else.

TPF is your Canadian source to review the tools, the extras, the add-ons used by the shooting community as well as the occasional firearm. Your firearms interests may lay towards black rifles and action shooting, or closer to the stereo-typical hunter and the love of nature, and even to the extravagant collector and admirer of firearms’ craftsmanship and ingenuity. Hopefully you will enjoy these overviews of firearms related equipment.

However! It will be left up to you, the reader, to determine if  items we write about are:

Tactical, practical, or fantastical.

Mike Duynhoven

Representative of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association

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