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Bryan Bolivar

Mr. Bryan Bolivar is relatively new to the shooting sports, having grown up with next to no firearms influences in rural Nova Scotia. He was finally introduced to shooting after relocating to Ontario, by his then soon to be father-in-law and his passion for the sport has done nothing but grow ever since. A former Tyro (aka Newbie/Rookie) in Service Conditions shooting disciplines, he has been able to put several competitions under his belt and grow his shooting skills and has become a respected peer.

After a little bit of prodding Bryan decided to jump into podcasting on the Canadian Reload Radio Network with both feet and has become a regular. TPF-Online also welcomes Bryan’s submissions of product reviews and as such and looks forwards to each and every one. Please take a moment to tune into him at CSCR on the Canadian Reload Radio Network.

Product Reviews:

Blue Force Gear:
Vicker’s Combat Application Sling (VCAS)

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