Reviews & articles for shooting sport enthusiasts.

Definitions & Acronyms

This page is dedicated to the definitions and acronyms used throughout the numerous reviews and publications authored by and through TPF. Acronyms used for specific pieces are not carried over onto this page. Also omitted are manufacturer/retailer acronyms and shortforms.

Tactical – Characterized by adroitness, ingenuity, or skill; Pertaining to the military; Expedient and calculated towards a goal.
Practical – Capable of or suitable to being used or put into effect; Useful; Level-headed, efficient, and unspeculative
Fantastical – Existing only in the imagination; Conceived with no reference to common sense; Particularly excellent

All additional listings are in alphabetical order. Last Updated October 12, 2011.

AR – Armalite Rifle. No the AR in AR-15 does not stand for Assault Rifle, but the original manufacturer of the now famous AR-15 rifle platform. The AR is manufactured by a multitude of companies across the globe.

Blade – The flat cutting edge of a knife, saw, or other tool. Also an alternate word for knife.

Bubba’d – A firearm which has been altered/modified from its original configuration, usually in a crude, unprofessional manner. Most common modification for such firearms are to have a cut down, sporterized stock which do not look professional. Mainly used in reference to older military bolt action rifles which no longer are “true to original design”.

CSAAA – Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association. The ONLY pro-firearms industry group in Canada. Representing manufacturers, distributors and retailers across Canada.

CSSA – Canadian Shooting Sports Association. The premier pro-firearms organization for all Canadian firearms users. Representing Canadians at all levels of government as well as at the international level.

DIY – Do-It Yourself.

Clip – A component used to secure multiple cartridges together to aid in charging the magazine of a firearm. Clips themselves are generally not retained by the firearm in question. One exception is the En-Bloc Clip of the M1 Garand rifle. Also represents the part of a product which allows for the product to be worn on a belt or harness for transpost (ex. Clip on a knife pouch).

EDC – Every Day Carry. An item(s) that is carried/worn everyday as a matter of habit/principal.

Knife – A cutting instrument composed of a blade and a handle into which it is fixed, either rigidly or with a joint. May have multiple blades

Magazine – The component which holds ammunition to feed into the chamber of a firearm. Magazines can be internal (non-removable) or external (removable). Rifles such as an SKS use a stripper clip (see Clip) to quickly fill the magazine of the rifle with ammunition.

MOA – Minute Of Angle.

Multi-Tool – An object/tool which has more than a single derived purpose due to a multiple of features/appendanges. Examples, A tool which has a knife and a screwdriver on separate attachments/arms is a multi-tool. A knife with multiple blades, or a single combination of a cutting edge and alternate tool (such as a screwdriver) is still classed as a knife.

SAO – Spring Assisted  Opening. The process of opening a blade in a folding knife which requires actual manual effort on the blade until a position is reached where a mechanical spring completes the deployment of the blade into fully open position. NOT an automatic opening knife.

Spine – The edge of a blade opposite to the primary cutting edge, also known as the back.

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