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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the title Tactical, Practical and Fantastical (TPF)?

When is comes down to any sort of equipment, whether outfitting yourself, your firearms, or just maintaining them; all of it must fall into one of those three categories. However, every person’s opinion differs on what would be tactical, practical, or fantastical. A very basic example would be a rangefinder and ballistic calculator built into a rifle scope? Would you believe that has only military/tactical applications, or would it be practical for long-range shooters, or is it so far out of your requirements to be classed as fantastical? Hence products reviewed fall into a one of the categories: Tactical, Practical, and Fantastical.

Why doesn’t TPF review firearms?

Nothing is preventing TPF from reviewing firearms, but that is NOT the primary focus of these reviews. Should TPF have access to, or have supplied, a firearm for review, it will be done. Whether you are hunting, action shooting, or even plinking, the firearm is but a single part of the whole. Accessories, tools, clothing, and other equipment by far have greater variety and numbers than all the firearms. The key item seen by TPF  is that nearly all other reviews focus on the firearm and very little time/space is dedicated to the other tools, components, gear, etc…

There are very few actual product endorsements on TPF. Why?

Recall that some products are specifically directed to certain market demographics which ties into the reason for the name TPF. The shooting industry in Canada supplies everyone from the casual plinker, to action shooters, hunters, firearms trainers, collectors, re-enactors, and even the military. TPF cannot give expert opinions on items which are outside of their realms of knowledge, and even then bias, and personal history can become problematic for objective reviews. It is for that reason that TPF attempts to provide its audience with factual and unbiased information in regards to reviewed products. Please realize that the reviewers at TPF are human and occasionally, a biased view can sneak into the release.

I want to have my products reviewed by TPF. What is involved?

It is very simple actually. For non-firearms, TPF will only review products which are new, or  visibly new in appearance. The reason for this is that TPF takes photographs and videos of these products which are then used in reviews and wants to ensure no modifications have been done to the products. In the case of firearms, TPF prefers to have firearms legally transferred so as to accommodate scheduling allowances and setup, however, alternate terms may be drafted and acceptable depending on scheduling and distances involved. TPF would desire outlets and dealer names for these products and the manufacturer’s MSRP for mention in the review. Similar products by single suppliers will be grouped unless there are time constraints involved. To send products to TPF for reviewing:

TPF-Online, M. Duynhoven
c/o Canadian Shooting Sports Association
204 – 1143 Wentworth St. W.
Oshawa, ON, L1J 8P7

Please include any additional details, specification sheets, media files with the submission (catalogues, CDs, USBs, etc…), as well as primary contact information for product questions and company history/profile inquiries. To Email TPF about product review opportunities you can do so HERE. There is an five (5)  megabyte limit for email sizes.

What happens to the items reviewed?

While it would be nice to keep all these products which are reviewed, TPF is driven by a love of writing, journalism, and a desire to help the firearms industry in Canada thrive. In this respect all products reviewed by TPF will be sold with used status and proceeds of those sales will be donated to the Canadian Shooting Sports Association. By helping to ensure a healthy and growing shooting community, the CSSA’s success indirectly helps grow the shooting industry in Canada. That is definitely a worthwhile cause.

What does TPF make from this?

Unless one counts the joy of helping our industry grow, and the idea of people across the nation reading their articles and publications, TPF makes absolutely ZERO revenue from reviewing products. If it is firearms related, and available for the Canadian marketplace, we want to experience it and let the consumer have a look at the product! Helping the shooting sports not only survive, but to thrive in Canada, is goal #1.

I have more questions not covered in the FAQ, How do I contact TPF?

You can ask general questions via email HERE. Snail mails and FAXes to the CSSA office will be sporadically received.

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