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Andrew Craig

Mr. Andrew Craig, having grown up in rural Ontario, had the opportunity to be introduced to hunting at a very young age. At the age of 10 he received his first rifle, a “Ruko Cadet” pellet gun. He subsequentially used it to kill squirrels and popcans until graduating into a Marlin model 80 .22 rimfire. Under his father’s mentorship he spent many seasons in a treestand learning the finer arts of deer hunting. After college and settling down, Andy realized that it was time to rekindle his sporting background and joined Galt Sportsmens Club in Cambridge ON. He can now be found shooting handgun, shotgun, and rifle silhouette on a weekly basis, while also taking time to hunt both moose and deer in the fall.

When not living and breathing guns, Andy can usually be found spending time with his family, or in his basement reloading.

Please take a moment to tune into him and his co-hosts at CRR, the Canadian Reload Radio Network. (Editor’s Note The CRR network website is no longer available..)
Product Reviews:

Scorpion Optics:
Scorpion Optic’s Venom HG 6-24x50mm

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