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What a roller-coaster…. Post Election!

Well it was 6 weeks of utter chaos and lack of sleep so TPS apologizes for the delay in posting any new reviews. Helping our local Conservative Party of Canada candidate try to be re-elected for a third term. Some of the activities are as follows:

  • Hundreds and hundreds of lawn signs installed (including TWO on my front lawn)!
  • Canvassing several hundred homes across 96 km^2 (37 miles^2) of riding.
  • Dropping literature at several thousand apartments in the riding.
  • Attending several local region all-canadate debates
  • Attending several local  region campaign rallys (including 3 with the party leader, Stephen Harper, present).
  • The letters written to the various newspapers.
  • Scrutineering on election night to ensure fair & impartial accounting of the votes.

That doesn’t even include the 40 hours a week I work to earn a living, nor the dozens of hours and weekends volunteering for the CSSA during the same 6 week stretch. In the end a victory the Conservative Party of Canada. On May 2nd, 2011, for the election of Canada’s 41st Government, 14,720,580 individuals cast their votes to elect a 308 seat parliament. With 61.4% voter turnout, the CPC won 54.2% of the seats for a clear majority government.

With a majority mandate, the much discussed, heavily debated, Long-Gun Registry should be finally removed after years of promises and a multitude of attempts in a minority government. That means a WIN for the Canadian Firearms Community, and a great first step to responsible, effective firearms legislation which penalizes criminals, not those of us who are law-abiding at heart.

My MP (Member of Parliament), Harold Albrecht, defeated all challengers handily (by over 17,000 votes above either of the two major challengers). However, on what should have been his greatest day of triumph, tragedy struck. After a great leisurely day, Mr. & Mrs. Albrecht finished dinner and were preparing to attend the CPC gathering hoping for a victory party to ensue… Mrs. Albrecht, claimed a sudden severe headache and then passed into unconsciousness. 38 hours later, Mrs. Betty Albrecht passed away from spontaneous intracranial hemorrhaging, more commonly known as a brain aneurysm. When he could have been celebrating his third term elected, Harold and his family were surrounding Betty at a Hamilton hospital, praying for her.

I am sure you will understand that if I state, I would have rather lost the riding than have such events happen to such a great individual. I have only known the Albrechts for the last 5 years, and I am a better person for knowing Harold, Betty and their selfless family. Thank you Harold, for your values, commitment to family, and above all else, your unyielding devotion to your beliefs.

Betty Albrecht, 1952 – 2011Harold & Betty Albrecht

To give you an understanding of how much Betty was loved:

On Valentine’s Day in 2008, Albrecht rose in the House of Commons to pay tribute to his wife.

“While the list of those who have influenced my life and encouraged me along my journey is a long one, there is one person to whom I am most indebted and who deserves great thanks on this very special day: My wife Betty,” he said.

“I will never be able to thank Betty for her faithful commitment over the past 36 years, but today I want her to know how deeply she is loved. I am grateful that God has blessed my life with her as my best friend and wife.”

The two days of visitations had over 1200 individuals attend. At the funeral, several dozen other MP’s and their spouses attended the funeral of Betty Albrecht on their OWN volition. Plus add in Prime Minister of Canada as well as the dozen or so local politico’s (mayor’s councillors, MPP’s, etc…) should give you some idea of how well-respected and loved Harold and Betty were in the community and in Ottawa. The church holding the funeral, regularly seats 900+ people. They had stackable chairs against each other in the aisles and another room opened up downstairs to allow more people to be in attendance, to accommodate nearly 1200 people attending to pay their respects and show their love and support to the Albrecht family… Betty will be missed by many, but never forgotten.

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