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ATI’s Akita Adujstable Hunting Stock – One stock for all?

Advanced Technology International (ATI) has been making aftermarket accessories for many years. Especially in the market of plastic/polymer aftermarket stocks for all sorts of classic military rifles such as SKS’, Enfields, and Mosin Nagants. They also dabbled into the tactical aftermarket for shotguns with top folding stocks as well as collapsing stocks that were based on those used on AR15/M16 Carbines. Not content with the tactical aftermarket for popular shotgun brands, ATI decided to venture a product which can be used in the casual hunting market. A very much adjustable stock replacement set for common shotgun models. That product line is known as the Akita Adjustable Stock and currently are manufactured to be mounted on the following varieties of Shotguns.

  • Mossberg 500/535/590/835, 12 Gauge
  • Maverick 88, 12 Gauge
  • Winchester 1200/1300/SXP, 12 Gauge
  • Remington 870, 12 Gauge (& Norinco Clones)
  • Ithaca 37, 12 & 20 Gauge
  • CZ 712, 12 Gauge

The CZ 712 version can currently only order the adjustable butt stock portion, the other listed shotguns are covered with the basic Akita sets. However newer Mossberg’s & Mavericks (post 2006) cannot use the Akita forend due to action bars being molded into the forend tube).

The Tactical 500

Current Mossberg 500 & new 28" barrel

The Akita reviewed by TPF is Model AHS0100, which contains both buttstock and forearm and can and will be used to change-up the author’s Mossberg 500 from an old-fashioned tactical version to a more dual purpose shotgun. The current Mossberg 500 stared life as a typical 28″ version complete with wood buttstock and forend, which has for the last several years been outfitted with an older ATI set of furniture. However, all components have been kept as those at TPF are pack rats in regards to firearms related items. The only complaint the author had with the old system was that there was no adjustment for the comb of the stock. The design put the stock’s collapsing tube to such a high elevation that the author could not line up the beads with the top of the receiver. Later versions came with a wedge which allowed for the whole buttstock to be shifted downwards on assembly.


Mossberg 500 internal components and barrel options (Top Half), ATI Akita Stock Set (Mid-Left), Old ATI Tactical Stock Set (Mid-Right), Original Stock Set (Bottom)


Detail of Akita Buttstock

The common version of the Akita comes with multiple mounting components which allow for component mounting on a variety of receivers and action bars/forend. Thankfully the instructions provided with the Akita are simple and clear, so that nearly all shotgun owners should be able to do the conversion themselves. The Akita stock has a four position extendable length of pull that has a range between 315mm to 365mm (12-3/8″ to 14-3/8″) and is simply operated by pressing up on the recessed lever and pulling or pushing the tail end of the stock to one of the four desired lengths before releasing the lever to lock it into place. The buttstock itself includes a sling swivel stud and a decent looking recoil pad. Included on the rear stock is an adjustable cheek rest which has nearly 13mm (1/2″) of variation, and is modified by removal of two cover plugs and the corresponding screws underneath them (one on each side). Adjustment is done by pulling the rest backwards it unlocks the check piece from the adjustment grooves and then the piece is elevated to a more ideal height. Re-install the screws and replace the cover plugs. All done. This specific build required that the cheek piece remained at the factory preset which equates to the lowest possible elevation.


Detail of cheek rest adjustment, shown at highest elevation

 As an individual who has had much experience mechanically and with machines, the entire process for converting to the Akita was very simple. On top of the brand adaptors for the buttstock and the additional spacers/mounts for the forend, the Akita kit also included a sheet metal key/wrench to use on the forend retaining nut. HOWEVER! There were two areas which the author can see as being problematic for the DIY individual.

  1. First was the actual mounting of the rear stock to the receiver.  In order to install the stock you need to remove the butt place/recoil pad, then remove the adjustment lock, and slide off  the back portion of the collapsing stock to expose the mounting area for the remaining front portion of the stock. Now up to this point the efforts to disassemble and prep are very simple to do. At this point a socket on an extension must be used and is less simple in trying to align, install  and torque the stock retaining bolt into the receiver. I needed to shim inside my socket to ensure the bolt did not slide back into the socket during line up and initial threading into the receiver. Second, the angle which the bolt resides during tightening is not straight and requires a very small universal or flexible extension. The author used a 1/4″ socket driver with a 6″ flex extension to install and torque the bolt. Re-assembly of the components was as simple as the initial removal.
  2. The second trouble spot was the installation of the forend components onto the action bar assembly. While installation of the rear portion of the forearm was easy, putting in the front portion required some small tapping with a hammer to ensure that the adaptor was fully seated. Not really an issue, but when everything else goes so smoothly…
Akita Mounted

Akita Adjustable Hunting Stock, Original and Older ATI Tactical comparison

The biggest concern now is that the author will need to relearn how to shoot without a pistol grip stock, but that is a challenge being looked forwards to. Since obtaining this product from ATI in the spring of 2010, some design changes have occurred. (Yes, TPF has stockpiling items for reviewing, many months in advance. Some are still waiing on a firearm to mount on…) A newer, more absorbing recoil pad has been included as part of the Akita Stock and there are over a dozen varieties of colouration/camouflage available as of the time of this posting.

The reviewed Akita Adjustable Hunting Stock/Forend Kit in black is available from Brownells at a MSRP of $159.99 USD, with the camouflage  having an MSRP of $179.99 USD. Canadian retailers like Ellwood Epps and Al Simmons are among the many Canadian gun stores where the Akita can be ordered in all options.

Advanced Technology International’s Akita Adjustable Hunting Stock – Practical, Tactical or Fanstastical?


Original buttstock Comparison


Original forend Comparison


Older ATI Tactical Comparison

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