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Archive for March 12, 2011

It was about time.

You heard it right. Due to changes in the magazine frequency and the newsletter contents that I contributed to, the articles just were being written far more often than were being published in print media. So this is the first entry in what hopefully will become the basis of a continuous and informative media listing of reviews and product displays of items which are AVAILABLE to the Canadian Market.

Most firearm related sights focus on the firearms themselves. TPF will focus on the extras, the accessories, the complimenting bits and pieces, and will give a personal (hopefully unbiased) opinion. That does not mean we will never look at guns, but they are just a single aspect of the firearms industry.

On behalf of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, thank you for visiting TPF, and I hope that you enjoy the articles and reviews, maybe learn something new or interesting. I would hope that if you are not already, that you become a member of the premier firearms advocacy group in Canada, the CSSA!