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Great…. Another Election…

Whelp… I know it has been a couple of days, but what a surprise.. Another election… Now I’ll state up front that I am a Conservative supporter, they have many ideals which appeal to me more so than most of the other parties. How you choose to vote and your reasons are entirely your own.

That being said, here in Canada there are really only a select few registered parties whom are not anti-gun in some form or another. Yes a CPC policy plank is to get rid of the long gun registry. However, anyone who thinks that every CPC MP is agrees with that is blind to a fault in regards to the CPC. That being said, the CPC are the only party is not anti-gun.

The Liberals have campaigned in the past to ban handguns, and ban semiautomatic firearms.

The NDP have stated that handguns have no place in urban areas.

Let me state that firstly both parties are spewing complete and utter BS when it comes to the typical anti-gun rhetoric. “If it only saves one life!” is a common phrase used by the anti-gun proponents to appear to justify their anti-gun crusades. Yet when it comes to spending coin to keep our military alive, they scream it’s a colossal waste of money. hypocrites! The Liberal Party of Canada, backed by the NDP and the Bloc state that $35 billion is too much money for F-35 fighters. Excuse me?

The current aircraft of the air force is the F-18 Hornet whose design is over 30 years old. $35 Billion dollars for 65 aircraft over 30 years. That includes spare parts, support structure and training to both fly and maintain the aircraft. In 2009, Canada spent $20.5 billion on its military forces or 1.3% of Canada’s GDP. Now to put that into perspective, an Airbus 320 passenger plane costs nearly $100 million apiece and another $8 million annually on maintainance costs for a simple slow moving people mover. 65 X $108 million = $7 billion alone, not including the training, support staff, and replacement parts… Wait a minute… Where is the level of overspending????

Obviously the blatant use of single figures not broken down is a common tactic used to bridge suggestions to an audience; $35 billion sounds worse when you do not state it comes from $1.16 Billion per year in spending.  This is especially rich coming from the Liberals, who sent our military over to the deserts of Afghanistan, knowingly into harm’s way, and equipped with GREEN uniforms and NO transportation. Oh yeah, that is right, the LIBERALS cancelled our helicopter order back in the 1990’s.

I really don’t care if you believe in the “mission” our forces have over in the sandbox, I do believe that everyone should support our troops 100%. That means the best training and equipment possible. Please ensure that you support our troops by stopping by HERE.
Canadian Troops

I would rather the members of our armed forces return home to their loved one in embraces of hugs and smiles than in draped boxes. YOU can help that.
Please get out and vote. These men and women who are sacrificing their innocence, risking their lives and combatting evil as carrying at great tradition of prottecting Canada so that we can have the freedoms and choices not available in many other societies. Voting for our elected leaders is but one small part of that legacy, please honour it.

To keep it back to a firearms related topic, many businesses across Canada, which sell firearms and accessories support our troops. Darren Cole @ One Shot Tactical comes foremost to mind. To our troops abroad and at home, keep safe and godspeed.