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Ammo Vault – A advance in ammunition storage systems?

Whether a hunter, target shooter, or just a plinker; many people like to have their preferred load with them in a plastic lightweight ammo containers or pouches. Whether it holds a half dozen rounds, or several dozen; shooters seem to like the semblance of organization and protective value derived from ammunition containers. Two of the biggest names in this area are MTM and Frankford Arsenal, with a multitude of re-branded versions available as well (J&J, RCBS, etc…).


The traditional 20 round slip-top case

The specific version being discussed today on TPF is the 20 round slip-top style of ammunition container. A simple effective design to protect ammunition from casual abuse and the elements. The simple slip top design is also biggest problem of these boxes as people have had their ammunition spilled due to instances where the top slides off due to poor friction, container orientation or even mis-handling. Add into that the inability to compensate for bullet lengths and thereby risk tip damage from moving in the container and from container impacts.

Knowing this, Frankford Arsenal has decided to enter a new design into the ammunition case market which prevents such from happening. Introduced as the Ammo-Vault, this container has designed in many features that eliminate the major flaws and problems of the traditional slip-top design.

  1. Constructed from impact resistant materials to survive multiple drops without cracking or breaking.
  2. Includes a foam insert to protect bullet tips and to reduce, or even eliminate, rattling.
  3. Has a locking feature which prevents inadvertent top separation.
  4. Adjustable height for secure storage of many calibres and OAL.

Cutaway of the new Ammo Vault

Now the Ammo Vault reviewed here is the medium length version, designated the AV-RMD-20, and the list of calibres it supports is impressive at 70 designated calibres. However! Individuals such as myself, have different loads and overall lengths dependent on the firearm’s feed type, the bullet mass, let alone purpose for the ammunition. As such TPF measured the approximate working dimensions for the Medium Ammo Vault.

The Ammo Vault (AV-RMD-20) will hold 20 cartridges whose have a maximum case diametre of 12.7 mm (0.50″) and an overall length ranging from 61mm-90mm (2.4″-3.5″) long.  That means that very common calibres such as the .22-250 Rem, .243 Win, 6.5x55mm Swiss, .308 Win, and including the .30-06 Springfield (and child cartridges) will fit into the Medium Ammo Vault. At the longest listed dimension, the AV-RMD-20 is secured by a single set of teeth on the container. You CAN put in cartridges shorter that what is previously listed (such as .223 Remington) but they will rattle around and not be secured in place by the foam in the top. Obviously with the foam contained in the top portion of the container, bullets are to be placed in with tip “up”, but if unconcerned with tip protection, rounds like iconic .30-30 Win will fit in this case if stored “tip-down”.


The AV-RMD-20 with .308 & .30-30 snap caps

The Ammo Vault for medium length cartridges has $9.99USD MSRP and is available from many Canadian retailers who carry Frankford Arsenal products.

Frankford Arsenal’s Ammo Vault – Tactical, Practical, or Fantastical?

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