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EDC items

S&W Spec-Ops knive & SOG Power Pliers

Lets be frank. I am not a knife guy. I will be the first person to tell you that, when it comes to any sort of blade or edged tool, I have very little experience and knowledge in regards to quality and metallurgy. Like many people, knives are simple tools to have around in case it is needed. As such, knives with price tags in the several hundred dollar range ar just as effective to me as those in the tens of dollar range. I’ll take a multi-tool over a knife everyday for usefulness. That being said I do carry both a knife and a multi-tool for every day carry (EDC). An SOG multi-tool has been a part of my wardrobe for over a decade and having it on my belt was part of my morning ritual and basically second nature, it has seen several countries and logged many thousands of kilometers with me. It has even been mailed home from the airport twice in recent years due to its common place at my side. The knife is newer to me as I only started having one for EDC in the last couple years.

This year at the SHOT Show, I meandered to the SOG booth in order to see about donations for fundraisers for the CSSA and while there I asked them if they could tighten my nearly 15 year old set of SOG Power Pliers. I had since worn out the awl and the blade to a bluntness best described as spoon-like, and the whole assembly was loose enough to give a balisong (butterfly knife) a run for it’s money in ease of opening. SOG surprised me by offering a brand new version to replace my old version (which still had Patent Pending on the handles). I accepted, and after a couple of weeks feeling naked with out the familiar tool at my side, a new one arrived. With it was a note stating that the donations for the CSSA were coming and that some sample products to review were as well.
The SOG booth was not alone in offering to let me review their products, and in every single case I told them that I was not that knowledgeable with blades. They all seemed to want to make me into a knife guy. I do pride myself in having an open mind and always seek new knowledge, and so it was with very little hesitation that I accepted their offers.

Upcoming in future TPF installments are coverage of blades and multi-tools from companies such as SOG, Gerber, and CRKT amongst many others. Stay tuned!

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